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What We Have

We have a vast service network in various locations. Our sales figures have been increasing tremendously since 2005. In 2005-06 only, we started generating better sales and sold out 500 commercial vehicles followed by increasing sales figure of 1645 vehicles in 2006-07.
In 2007-08, we had spectacular sales figures as we sold around 3164 commercial vehicles. In couple of months, with more customers in our outlets, we sold around 3468 commercial vehicles in 2008-09.
In 2009-10, we have sold approximately 3459 commercial vehicles. These excellent sales figures have always propelled our movement to success. We are known to have vast and capacious workshops where servicing of vehicles is done with utmost care.
No automobile dealership of Commercial Vehicles has ever entered into the set up of complaint cells which take care of customers queries and complaints and direct them to Mahindra head office.
However, Indraprastha Automobiles has its customer-centric complaint centre which tracks customers problems, solves their queries, and reverts to them timely.

About Us

Indraprastha Automobiles embarked on its journey in the year 2005 as one of the reputed and prestigious dealerships of Mahindra and Mahindra.
We offer commercial vehicles that are known for their excellence, quality and worth.
Our dealership offers three-wheelers, Utility vehicles, LCVs as well as HCVs that stand to their truest balance and perfection.
Our products are not only meant for niche market rather they have become viable products for various small scale businesses and other industries.
Our goal is simple and mission is clear. For us, success depends on motivating employees, recognizing and rewarding them for their contribution into the organization. We work with people and make sure that their time and efforts are considered properly.
By doing this, we retain them for a longer period. Moreover, our knowledge of the automobile sector accompanied with customer-centric approach makes us grow towards the path of success.

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