Our Philosophy

We are a team of strong, capable, perceptive and resourceful people. For us, a new project is new beginning, completing the project is progress and working together is success. From past three years, we are the number one prosper dealership of Mahindra. Our journey to success depends on providing quality products accompanied with true professionalism and customer -centric approach. Our strength lies in the capability of 450 employees who with their potential and dedication bring increased productivity in the organization. We are the only dealership of Mahindra which offers products ranging from 0.5 tonner to 49 tonner. From three-wheelers to utility vehicles, from LCVs to HCVs, from HCVs to School Buses, for farming sector we provide Swaraj Tractor, we offer all products under one roof.

Our goal is simple and mission is clear. For us, success depends on motivating employees, recognizing and rewarding them for their contribution into the organization. We work with people and make sure that their time and efforts are considered properly. By doing this, we retain them for a longer period. Moreover, our knowledge of the automobile sector accompanied with customer-centric approach makes us grow towards the path of success.

Since March 2011 we also got the dealership of Swaraj Mahindra Tractor and also got the opportunity of selling of Heavy Commercial vehicle (value approx. 20 lac) under the brand of Mahindra Navistar.